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Stack Washer Dryer

Manufacturer & Exporter of Coin operated Stack Washer & Dryer & Coin operated Stack Washer & Dryer - XTH-15S. Our product range also comprises of Washing & Processing Machinery, Water Extraction With Centrifuges and Industrial Drying Tumbler.

Optional Dryer also available: Double performance in half the space dynamic balancing cleaner clothes high efficient washer system the ultimate dry built better to last longer commercial-grade electronic control.

Model Washer Max Load Dryer Max Load Speed(wash) Speed(dehydrate) Wash Motor Power Dryer Motor Power Net Wt/Size/Pack Size/Gross Weight
XTH08E 8 KG 8 KG 45 RPM 500 RPM 7.5 KWATTS 8 KWATTS 390 KG/800x950x2150 MM/1.92 CBM/450 KG
XTH10E 10 KG 10 KG 45 RPM 500 RPM 9 KW 10 KW 390 KG/800x950x2150 MM/1.92 CBM/450 KG
XTH15E 15 KG 15 KG 45 RPM 500 RPM 12 KW 12 KW 550 KG/800x1190x2150/2.43 CBM/600 KG

  1. Two or three automatic self cleaning tanks of high capacity.
  2. Nylon self cleaning filter or cartridge with active carbons.
  3. Basket, distillator, air channel, button trap, filters housing, water separator in stainless steel.
  4. Danfoss valves for saving water, Still float switch level control (Overfill Prevented)
  5. Water level control in still over the heating elementally stainless steel.
  6. Thermal overload relays on all motors.
  7. Closed circuit with Copeland scroll refrigerator (the most silent & efficient on the market).
  8. Double lint filter with huge surface and possible automatic self cleaning.
  9. Distillator condenser in Fibreglass.

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