Product Information

Robotic Shirt Systems

Robotic shirt systems is an ergonomically designed, height adjustable, robotic tensioning finishing system. The rss with size wise gives a superior finish in processing the body and sleeves (long and short) of wet, damp or dry garments. Self contained vacuum for positioning, setting and cooling of the placket, automatic side-seam and back tensioning, self-contained high volume heated air blowing systems, are all an integral part of the technically advanced rss which makes it the moderate production shirt finisher for all types of men”s and ladies laundered shirts. please click on the download tag to see the technical specification.


Salient Features
Surface Treatment Powder Coated
Material Mild Steel
Weight 106 Kg
Brand Xsoni Systems
Usage Industrial
Dimension 457WX119 4DX 1600H mm
Motor Fan 1 HP (0.75 KW)