Product Information

Industrial Tumble Dryer

Available with forward tilt for easy uploading. The forward tilt allows the linen to fall into a trolley, making unloading economically correct, reducing work related injuries and improving workflow. 


Salient Features
Power Source Electric
Application Industrial
Brand Xsoni System
Automation Grade Semi-Automatic
Material SS
Voltage 415 V
Warranty 1 Year
Drive Motor 0.5 HP- 1 HP
Loading Door Opening 350,480,600,750,850,1050 Kg
Capacity 10,15,30,60,120 & 240 kg
Basket Size 600 x 350 -2000 x 1450 mm
Basket Volume 380-4553 L
Air Delivery 1000-12000 ft3/hr
Heating Electric Power 3-36kW
Diesel fired Consumption 1.5- 16 L
Phase 3