Product Information

Chest Type Ironer

These ironers guarantee optimal heat conductivity and even temperature distribution steam. Chests are heated by direct steam injection via multiple steam chambers. This hi-tech ironer is the ultimate in proficiency, efficiency and productivity. Aiming at mechanical perfection, the finish does not lack artistic touch. The overall effect is mechanical marvel. Ironing appears to be a creative heat and the result leaves nothing more to desire and XSoni’s Rotary Ironers leave no room for complaint.

Salient Features

Salient Features :

  • VFD optimizes rotational speeds of cylinder-ensuring flexibility and quality.
  • Up to 30% less energy consumption
  • Higher output than equally sized steam heated Ironer.
  • Limited space requirement
  • All sizes ](M (12″). 4S7(fB”). 610(24″). 762 130″), 012 {IT). 1219 (4a”) mm roll diameter working width from 1 mtr. to 4 I mtr. single or multi roll version.
  • Steam, Electric and Thermal fluid heating
  • Temperature adjustable to 160″ C.
  • All classic Ironer features Guarantee outstanding quality
  • Proven reliability by many references nationwide


Optional Features :

  • Imported S.S Spring padding with heat resistant double layer polyester padding.
  • Polyester conveyor belts with welded imported seam
  • Imported comb hooks.
  • Rubberized conveyor feed roller with air blow feeding for perfect linen edge hold.
Machine Type Semi-Automatic
Brand Xsoni Systems
Normal Roller Speed 4.66 RPM, 6.50 RPM,10.1 RPM
Drive Motor 2 HP, 3 HP
Suction Motor 0.75 HP
Electric Heating 9 KW,12 KW,24 KW
Usage Industrial