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Laundry Installation Procedure


The Laundry installation comprises of three elements:

Laundry Jet Ports mounted in dressing rooms or bathrooms The laundry room eco fit pack, Wall mounted jet packs or the Fitter Cabinet insert Unit The PVC pipe and fittings that connect the laundry chute ports to the laundry room through the attic space

Vacuum Laundry Pipe

Laundry Jet specifies 6” 6.25″ – 159mm) SDR35 rigid PVC vacuum pipe and fittings to our customers . When the Laundry Jet is in use it creates a strong airflow that needs a strongly rated pipe.

PVC vacuum piping is designed to have a smooth transition in between fittings and connections which ensures that clothing, bedding, jeans and towels will travel smoothly to the laundry room.

Vacuum Pipe & Fittings
  • Six Inch white vacuum pipe 10′ x 6”
  • Six Inch 45 Fitting
  • Six inch long (sweep) 90 fitting
  • Six Inch Y Fitting
  • Port 90 custom fitting
  • Clean Out Cap
  • Laundry Jet systems can be designed for almost any sized home from 1 to 20+ bedrooms/ bathrooms/closets by adding additional ports and or additional Laundry Jet appliances.


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